Sunday, January 28, 2018

Welcome back!

Welcome back to our new school year! Enjoy your last few days of holidays:  be refreshed, revitalised and ready for the exciting challenges 2018 will bring. See you on the 7th!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Patariki long jump

Final athletics coaching

Yesterday was the final day of our coaching. Thanks to Leticia, Tracey- Lee and Reid, we are ready to take on Maraetai in our Athletics Tournament in week 9

Saturday, August 12, 2017

                                                      All girls together
                             Room 24 2017
Rockers with attitude

Book week - Dress Up Day

Great Job!

Thanks to Mrs Aldridge and her team of students for making Book Week so awesome. We've enjoyed a very special book fair viewing, supported Room 7 with their visit and finished the week off with some great costumes. It was great to see the whole school in dress up on Friday at the parade ( even Mr Noble- Campbell was dressed up as Tigger!) Thanks to everyone in Room 24 who came in dress up - you are stars!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cross Country

This photo was taken at the end of this years cross country. The course was pretty good this year as it went around Te Puru and just through Omana back through the forest to the finish. The course was fairly muddy as you can see. It was a good race for me because I managed to get a 4th place which is pretty good . My technique is to get into a good spot at the start and then play a Metallica song in your head for the rest of the race. Focusing on the song seems to let me run further and the I chose Metallica because they have good songs. When I finished I was so exhausted that it felt like I was going to faint and when they asked what house I was in I couldn’t quite remember for a few seconds. Overall I would have to say that this was my best cross country so far and we will have to see what college brings.